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Winter Weddings

In the build up to your wedding day, it’s not uncommon to fear the worst when you’re at the mercy of the weather. Hours, even days can be spent worrying about the best way to shield your hair from the wind, or how you might fashion an umbrella from a nearby tree should the need arise. So it’s no surprise that people are all too obsessed with the idea of a wedding in the sunshine, in particular during those precious summer months. Obviously it would be foolish not to acknowledge that there are a number of benefits involved in a summer wedding, like the increased odds of dry weather alongside the allure of the classic sunset beach photo, exotic enough to make those back home turn green with envy. But what if the weather became part of the occasion? The world needs to know that a destination wedding during the winter can be just as special, if not more. If you and your partner like the quirkier, more exhilarating things in life, in addition to possessing an eye for striking scenery, then a winter wedding might be for you. Here’s why.

Not your typical bride

Capturing those all-important memories of your wedding day is a key part of the experience, so it’s important to have a killer backdrop. Swap the beach for a mountain range. For many, an exchange of vows set amongst a scene of soaring mountains and blankets of blindingly white snow is a warming one. Frost lay delicately on the rooftops, the smell of pine trees fills the air- it’s a winter wonderland, full of romance. Don’t stop there though, because it’s time to accessorise. A winter wedding is a perfect excuse to wear something a little more unique than your average bridal gown because these days it’s not all about wearing white. So, you’ll need to cover up, but this can be passed off as you coolly accessorising your outfit. Consider wearing a (fake) fur wrap, or a snug – they’re both glamorous and original. Be sure to tie your location in with the weather, by embracing it with open arms. Your snowy setting is a blank canvas for some quirky decorations. Strategically hung white fairy lights can really bring some magic to the venue, as well as the use of fun, winter-themed décor. Cake toppers, table cloths and even the theme of your meal, can all be adapted to fit the theme of your winter wonderland.


Image Source: Dallas Curow

Your guests will love you

A winter wedding isn’t just fun and games for you, though- it’s great for your guests too. If your home country doesn’t often experience the thrill of snowfall, then your guests will appreciate the chance to try some new experiences. Whether they spend their time between wedding duties sledging, relaxing in outdoor snow spas, or hiking in the foothills of snow-capped mountains, they’ll be sure to thank you for the invitation. The original choice of location will see your guests even more excited to witness your special day.

It’s simple

The beauty of a winter wedding isn’t just in the scenery, it’s also in the ease. We all know that the competition for summer wedding venues is high, and with couples often booking years in advance, the perfect venue can be difficult to secure. Although winter weddings are growing in popularity, there’s not fierce competition to secure a date- another tick in the box for a winter wedding. But, that’s not all. Most people save their holidays for the summer, so if you opt for a winter wedding, you’ll be sure to get a few more RSVPs.


Image Source: Camelot Photography

A honeymoon with a difference

You’re already abroad, so let’s call the entire experience a holiday. In fact, save some cash, because you’re already on your honeymoon- a honeymoon with a difference. Time spent doing nothing but lying on a beach can be a mundane thought for some, so, substitute the sand between your toes, for some snow between your fingers. Stay in a luxury hotel, where the warming smell of firewood fills the air- it’s perfect for cosying around the fireplace with a glass of fine wine and an exquisite plate of food. It might be chilly outside, but incredible scenery and action filled slopes are a delightful way to spend your first few days as a married couple.

Where to do it

An alpine wedding is sure to be magical, and these days, it couldn’t be easier to make your dream wedding happen. There are a number of exceptional locations throughout Europe that are filled with stunning luxury hotels, offering complete wedding packages. Anywhere throughout any of the alpine regions will be sure to live up to your expectations. But, our top recommendation is the Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland, a luxury hotel nestled amongst the beauty of the Swiss Alps. The Chedi capitalises on the area’s natural beauty by offering cosy accommodation, awash with natural material and colour. Their wedding team can help you to make your dream winter wedding come to life.
For more advice getting married at the Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland, and other fantastic locations abroad, download the wedding guide. It’s packed full of top tips, venue ideas and legal advice. There’s also an incredibly handy wedding checklist to keep you on track.

The Chedi Andermatt, Luxury Hotel Switzerland

Image Source: The Chedi Andermatt

Banner Image: Sam Hurd

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