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Three of Europe’s Most Romantic Breaks

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, all you loved up couples out there will no doubt be waiting in the wings, planning, crafting and perfecting your moves for the big day. And whilst most of us are content with a slap-up meal and a bunch of roses, some merely see this as the starter leading up to the main course. If you’re looking to wow this February the 14th, check out these spots in Europe awash with enough romance to make even the main man, Cupid, himself swoon.


Known as the city of love thanks to its remarkable sights, mesmerising language and popularity with honeymooners, Paris has been well and truly struck by Cupid’s arrow and it’s yours to enjoy. Kick off your trip with a jaunt to the wall of ‘I Love You’, where you’ll find love in many different forms in more languages than you can shake a stick at. Next, amble through the 17th century botanical gardens of Jardin du Luxembourg before making your way to Les Ombres to enjoy cocktail or two overlooking the glimmer of the Eiffel Tower before you.

I Love You Wall Paris | Luxury Europe News | Luxury Travel Blog

Image Source: Flickr

The Dolomites

Renowned as one of the earth’s most spectacular landscapes, this far-reaching mountaineer’s paradise doubles up as one of the world’s largest wellness centres. The air here is crisp, the views are indescribable and the silence is beautiful, broken by nothing but the sound of footsteps and the occasional roar of nearby water. Months cold be lost exploring this intricate ensemble of mountains, but to up the romance levels to eleven, head to Monte Cristallo. Serviced by cable cars, the four peaks reach up to almost 11,000 feet and provide some of the best views the Dolomites have to offer. If vertigo kicks in, head to Lake Garda, Italy’s most famed body of water.

Dolomites Italy| Luxury Europe News | Luxury Travel Blog

Cíes Islands, Galicia

From the thrill of the city, to the theatre of the mountains, if romance for you spells ‘getting off the grid’, say hello to Galacia of the Cíes Islands. The beaches here are a blinding shade of white, known affectionately by the locals as ‘Galacian Caribbean’. As part of an archipelago adrift of Spain’s north-west coast, it is remote by nature. Visitors to the island are limited to just over 2,000 per day and there is no transport on the island. You won’t find a five star hotel here, only a campsite, but what it lacks in physical luxuries, it more than makes up for it the luxury of serenity and exclusivity.

Beach | Luxury Europe News | Luxury Travel Blog

Image Source: Flickr

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