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Island Hopping in Greece

Picture your long-anticipated arrival onto mainland Greece. The sun is shining, you’re welcomed by a sea of smiling faces, you’ve got sun cream in hand and a wad of cash in your pocket. Except you’ve forgotten one important thing- and that’s a plan. Whilst we’re not all about ‘lists, spreadsheets and event reminders’, we’re firm believers that sometimes planning can be a very good thing. Read our handy tips on how to make your island hopping trip through this beautiful, although incredibly sporadic Mediterranean paradise, the trip of your life.

Decide on a rough route:

Imagine arriving on mainland Greece to learn that there are a whopping 6,000 Greek islands for you to explore- it’s fair to say that you might be a little overwhelmed with the excess of options. There are six major island groups to choose from, so let’s focus guys – be smart and plan ahead.  That said, there’s no need to make your schedule too strict as we know how plans can change and it’s always good to be flexible to allow for error. If you’re not feeling inventive, the obvious choices to kick start your trip are the popular islands of  Mykonos and Santorini as they are easily accessed from Athens.

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Getting around:

Once you’re on dry land, wherever that may be, pick yourself up a scooter. It’s likely that during the summer you’ll be competing with hordes of cruise ship dwellers, so what better way to get ahead of the crowds? You’ll be able to reach far-flung, secluded areas of the islands (less tourist-swamped parts) and enjoy the Mediterranean breeze through your hair as you cruise through epic scenery.

Pack light:

You’ll be doing a lot of travelling on and off dry land, so let’s not pack everything but the kitchen sink. Even during winter, the weather will be warm the majority of the time (a huge factor in Greece’s reputation as one of the world’s best island hopping destinations). There’s no need for coats and gloves- a light jacket and some sturdy shoes should be the largest items in your suitcase.

Study the Greek ferry system:

If you don’t have the luxury of hiring a private boat or an incredibly rich uncle with a swanky, midlife-crisis-inspired yacht, you’ll probably need to study the Greek ferry system. Although ferries run all year round, some islands receive a ferry just once a week and appear on very specific linear routes.

Chance your sleeping arrangements:

It’s okay to not book a room ahead for every single island you plan to visit. You’ll find that as soon as your boat docks into the harbour, there’ll be an abundance of accommodation still available for you, ranging from boutique hotels and luxurious beach-front resorts to rustic retreats. In fact, there’ll be people waiting on land to offer you a bed for the night- so don’t panic!

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Image Source: Aman Villas

Consider going off-peak:

Just not too off peak. Bad weather during the winter can cause ferries to be cancelled and you might find yourself left on an uninhabited island with nothing but a football with a face drawn on it. Peak season runs from July until September. A visit marginally either side of this period is the ideal time of year to go as you’ll have the best pick of accommodation, the ferry routes won’t be booked up and you’ll still enjoy the great weather!

Treat yourself:

You’ve been travelling for days, even weeks and we think you’ve earnt yourself a treat. Book yourself into the Amanzoe Villas at Porto Heli to experience luxurious Greece at its finest. A stunning beachfront location softened by olive groves and sweeping blue waters, rejuvenation and relaxation are the number one priority at Amanzoe. For those of you who fall in love with beauty of the resort and feel like you never want to leave, never fear- Amanzoe Residences are for sale. Luxurious, contemporary and at complete harmony with nature- you could be island-hopping for years to come from your beautiful Amanzoe Residence set at the heart of it all.

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