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Five Unexpected Things To Do In Italy

Italy is one of the most popular European destinations, and it’s easy to see why. Breathtaking views, glorious weather and a rich and fascinating history are enough to entice anyone. But once you’ve seen Rome and Venice, what else is there to do? Here are five surprising activities you might not have realised that Italy has to offer.

Al Fresco Opera

If you’re feeling keen for a cultured evening, then Verona might be the destination for you. The Verona Arena, an ancient amphitheatre built in the 1st century, is not only still standing, but it’s still very much in use and going strong. Watching an opera in a Roman amphitheatre definitely makes for an authentic Italian experience.

And while you’re in Verona, be sure to visit the balcony of the real life Juliet. What setting could be more romantic?

Climb A Cathedral

You don’t need to be a superhero to scale this building – Milan’s Duomo di Milano offers guided tours of the church, including a climb onto the roof! If you’re looking for a skyscraper view with a holy backdrop, there is no sweeter spot from which to see this beautiful city. See for information on booking tours.

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Go Skiing

When you think of winter sports, Italy might not be the first country that comes to mind. Yet Italy has lower average prices compared to other alpine destinations. It is now developing a reputation as the skier’s dream holiday. From Monterosa to Cervinia, has a host of the best resorts for the sporty traveller.

Get Spooked

Triora is a town known for its history of witch-hunting, and evidence of its past springs up everywhere. The Witchcraft Museum has a vast collection of local artefacts and information on the town’s history. Its basement happens to be exactly the place where they would have imprisoned suspected witches! Whether you’re a history buff, or you just love Halloween, Triora is sure to have you quaking in your boots.

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Visit A Live Volcano

The ruins of Pompeii are perhaps one of Italy’s most popular destinations for travellers. Famous for the ancient casts of people made from volcanic ash, Pompeii draws in thousands every year. But a lesser-known outing is to visit the volcano itself. Vesuvius, while being a live volcano, has daily tours which you can take up to the top. It is set to erupt once every forty years, but it has in fact been over seventy years since its last eruption – so whether to risk it is up to you…

So whether it’s visiting Juliet’s balcony, climbing a cathedral, or skiing, Italy might be the place to go this year for an unexpected twist

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