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England: A Whistle-stop Tour

I’ve always felt a degree of discontent towards those travel companies that claim to showcase England’s best bits to the unknowing tourist, because as a proud British citizen, I am fully aware that there’s more to England than just London, Stonehenge and Warwick Castle. I can’t take it any more. Buckle up, because we’re going on a whistle-stop trip around England that can be done in a matter of days, showcasing what I deem to be some of England’s best bits.

Norfolk Broads

The broads wind their way through the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk to create a spectacular maze of navigable lakes and rivers for the boating and walking enthusiast to enjoy. There’s nothing like hiring a boat,  taking to the broads with some friends and enjoying the beautiful English countryside as you drift on by. There are a number of quaint villages en route to moor at such as the ancient village of Horning, perfect for afternoon tea, or Ludham, where the marshland provides the perfect setting to enjoy a nature walk or two. Stay overnight in one of the timber framed boat houses with reed thatched roofs that perch directly on the river for fine views and easy access. The distinct architecture of the windmills, houses and churches helps to create a unique landscape that’s dubbed as one of the most photographed and painted areas of the UK.

Wroxham Norfolk Broads | Luxury Europe News

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No trip to the UK is complete without a jaunt to the coast for a portion of fish & chips and a can of Shandy Bass. No matter the weather, douse your fish & chips in salt and vinegar before making your way to the sandy beach to enjoy them next to the roar of the ocean. There are a number of spectacular walks to enjoy which will lead you from pub to pub, along harbours, through swaying fields of wheat and along the coastline passing lighthouses and ship yards as you go. Testament to the beachside town’s popularity; a wooden beach hut on the front here will set you back the equivalent value of a small 2-bed home, made of actual concrete. Home to the renowned Adnams beer distillery, you can sample a taste of British beer at the source of one of the industry’s most iconic producers for generations. Take a stroll along the pier to enjoy a panorama of the town as the sun disappears behind the colourful beach huts that ensure this vibrant sea-side town appears on postcards and paintings all over the world.

Wroxham Norfolk Broads | Luxury Europe News

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The Peak District

From the UK’s flattest counties to the rolling hills of Derbyshire, the Peak District National Park is a remarkable display of natural beauty. The lush green landscape presents a host of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, with hot air balloon rides, cycling, caving, zip lining and abseiling all on the menu. Cycle the Manifold trail for views over the Manifold Valley, caves and riverside picnic spots, or for a more challenging route, try the Tissington Trail. For the history buffs amongst you, the area is steeped in history. Visitors can explore historic buildings, an abundance of museums and there’s even the opportunity to visit the so-called birth place of the plague. Things are so pretty here that even navigating the snaking roads through small villages to admire the beautifully manicured gardens and the grey stone cottages is an activity in itself. Head to Bakewell to sample a classic British snack; the Bakewell tart.

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Bakewell the Peak District Bridge | Luxury Europe News | Roadtrip Around England

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Whilst the countryside shows off one side to ‘old blighty’, as it is affectionately known by us residents, the city is a flip-side experience worth having. Choose Cambridge over London. Less crowded and significantly smaller, Cambridge is a fantastic place to experience British culture on a more digestible scale. World-famous for its top ranking university, alumni and remarkable architecture; the city can easily be explored on two feet. Take a punting boat along the river and be regaled in stories of the city’s history, the student living experience and soak up an endless stream of knowledge on the surrounding architecture and buildings. When your thirst for sightseeing via boat has been quenched, stroll along the canals and through the parks enjoying the vibrancy of the houseboats along the way. Thanks to the university, Cambridge is a melting pot of cultures. You’ll find any cuisine your heart desires in this city, from Korean to Lebanese. Finish the day on the rooftop bar of the Varsity Hotel & Spa to absorb the sunset with a glass of Cambridge Gin.

Cambridge | Luxury Europe News | Roadtrip Around UK

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